Katy Perry to host ‘Saturday Night Live’

Katy Perry

After someone realized that nothing brings in the ratings like a nice set of boobs, Lorne Michaels has apparently seen fit to bring on Katy Perry to host Saturday Night Live for once, rather than just perform. Which means we can all look forward to Katy in boob-centric outfits talking about kissing girls opposite Kenan Thompson dressed as himself while talking in a funny voice, Kristen Wiig pulling the entire show, and Jay Pharaoh not doing anything even though he’s the best part of SNL. The Huffington Post reports:

Russell Brand is the professional humorist in the family, but come next month, Katy Perry will take on one of the biggest jobs in comedy: hosting Saturday Night Live. According to a press release from EMI, the Grammy nominee will host the December 10th episode of SNL, following the wrap of her epic California Dreams tour. Perry, fresh off a big night at the American Music Awards, is one of the most eccentric and high energy performers in music, and a number of her videos have shown off a flare for acting. In June, she premiered her video for Last Friday Night, playing a 1980s-era geek hosting a party gone awry.

In all honesty, Katy probably stands as much of a chance as anyone else on the show, mostly because it doesn’t matter how talented the guest host is, so much as it is about how good the material they’re given is. Case in point: Bryan Cranston was on the show, and even he couldn’t salvage it. Jane Lynch? ‘Nuff said. And all in all, at least she’ll never be as bad as pro swimmer Michael Phelps was. He was so damn wooden, I’d get a splinter in my finger if I gave him a handy.

Katy Perry

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