Kellan Lutz’s trainer works his butt

Kellan Lutz

Teeheehee! Good luck getting that mental image out of your head, because it’s going to be in there until you go back to your bunk. Repeatedly. Here’s what he actually said.

Lutz is certainly keeping himself busy. He’s currently in New York filming Syrup before he jumps into promotion mode for his epic Greek flick, Immortals — a role the already-buff actor had to bulk up for even more. “We had a great fitness regimen. The nutritionist gave us great food to eat. Then our trainers, just worked our butts. We worked out so many hours everyday, for months,” he said. “It was really fun to be a part of that and actually train for the role.” SOURCE

Okay, yes, in all honesty it’s a slow news day, but who gives a shit? I just came up with a bullshit excuse to post more pics of a possible shirtless (if we can find the pics) Kellan Lutz. You’re welcome, America.

Kellan Lutz

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