Ke$ha really wants your attention …


In the great war of one-upmanship between Lady Gaga and Ke$ha, there are no winners: Only people with bleeding ears and absolutely zero patience left. Anyway, Ke$ha was in Sydney, Australia the other day performing at a music festival when she decided the best way to bring down the house was by drinking fake blood out of a fake human heart. A for effort, sweetie.

The potty-mouthed pop princess held the heart like a goon bag over her mouth, letting the blood ooze across her face and down her chest on the main stage at Royal Randwick Racecourse. Covered in glitter and draped in a shredded American flag T-shirt, Kesha Rose Sebert performed much of her 45-minute set dripping in blood. SOURCE

You know the sad thing is I kind of had some good will left over for her from her video for Blow, mostly because she had to good sense to include a healthy dose of the hotness that is James Van Der Beek‘s ass, but this? This is terrible. This is reaching Lady Gaga levels of fake-ass posturing. Ladies, go to your corners.


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