Kevin Smith vs. The Westboro Baptist Church

Red State - Kevin Smith

If, like me, you’re a die-hard Kevin Smith fan and even managed to sit through Cop Out (get over it people, it wasn’t that bad. I mean, yes, it was bad, but not like BAD bad), you’ve probably heard about his new film Red State, a horror movie based on The Phelps clan, which is the family behind those God Hates Fags protests at the funerals of dead soldiers. Anyway, they attended a screening of the movie at SXSW, and they took it about as well as you’d think.

ThatKevinSmith: HOLY SHIT! I was just given a parting gift from @MeganPhelps! SHE JUST LEFT WITH HER ENTIRE FAMILY! RED STATE DISGUSTS THE PHELPS!!! #SMo

ThatKevinSmith: Via @WBCVideo “WBCers leave as RedState is a vulgar piece of tacky melodrama” Can I quote that on our poster? Stood up by @MeganPhelps! #SMo

HA! Fucking awesome. Of course, the Phelps clan’s reigning queen of famewhoring, Megan Phelps, said some shit about the movie, but honestly? Fuck those guys. They can say whatever they want, but I’m not about to provide them a soap box to stand on, so let’s just pretend they said something about how poo is delicious and move on with our lives, happy knowing we didn’t have to listen to hateful d-bags.

Red State - Kevin Smith

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