kevin vows to crush justin!

oh how lame! when i saw this i just had to laugh! a ‘music war’ is rumored to be in full force as justin timberlake & kevin federline get ready to drop albums…a source for STAR who is close to kfed said kevin is totally pre-occupied with justin’s music career, he’s incredibly jealous of justin’s musical style, his sales and his popularity. and he knows that britney probably misses having justin in her life, and that britney and justin have recently talked (of course brit misses him…who wouldn’t?)

but still carrying on like everything is just fine & dandy…britney spears has even hooked up hubby kevin with a few meetings at jive records – the very same label JT is on! the source adds now that kevin has met with jive execs, he’s convinced himself that he’s going to be the next justin, only better! oh i bet justin is really worried…even with that ‘just ok’ single sexyback there is clearly no contest here except in kevin’s small bird brain and while all this ‘drama’ unfolds over in his head…we have britney posting messages about tigers on her website – where the fuck is that girl’s head at?!? oi vey – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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