Kim Kardashian is starting a Bible study group?

Kim Kardashian

Now that Kim Kardashian has ended her new show where she spends an entire season breaking up with Kris Humphries because he isn’t black the man she thought he was, Kim has decided to spend all her time convincing America she isn’t an attention-starved whore-beast who will do anything for money and attention by tweeting about how she’s going to start a Bible study group. You know, because she loves Jesus! And attention! But mostly attention.

@KimKardashian: On my way to church with the girls!

@KimKardashian: I want to start a bible study group with my friends!

Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure Jesus isn’t too hot about lying to millions of people and pretending to be in love in order to trick people out of their money. Although to be fair, historically speaking, Jesus would have been a black man, so maybe Kim is just trying to find a new man she can scam marry. “You’re the son of God? How much does that pay per year? Because I’m really tired of barely working …”

Kim Kardashian

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