Kim Kardashian is ready to gold dig

Kim Kardashian

BREAKING NEWS: Kim Kardashian is a money-grubbing famewhore who will fake being in love if it means she can scam people out of their money. Oh, wait, that’s not breaking news. Anyway, this time around, Kim is trying to land herself a Saudi billionaire so that someone else can take care of her and she’ll never have to work again. Wait, Kim works? Hollywood Life reports:

During Kim and Kris Jenner‘s trip to Dubai in October 2011, many Saudi Arabian princes were throwing themselves at Kim, according to a new report in Star magazine. And now she may have found a match!

“Several royals gave her their phone numbers and made it clear they were serious about dating her,” a source tells the mag. “The one she really had a connection with is a billionaire!”

While her prince’s identity has yet to be revealed, sources tell the mag that he’s not hesitant to dole out cash which is exactly what she was looking for in her next man.

“She wants to be taken care of,” the source says. “She’s done being a sugar mama.”

So basically, Kim is a lazy whore who loves money and has no self-awareness. How is this news? I mean yes, the fact that Kim has decided to become a full-time gold digger, rather than just a part-timer, is sorta news. But let’s not get it twisted or anything: if that bitch were any more of a gold digger, she’d be panning for gold in some random California stream.

Kim Kardashian

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