MJ’s daughter claims Sony faked her dad’s voice!

Paris Jackson

A couple years back, Sony released a Michael Jackson album posthumously, which a lot of people thought was in pretty shitty taste, but to be fair, this is a recording label. Shitty is kinda their thing. Anyway, it turns out someone got their hands on an alleged transcript between Paris Jackson and some of her friends, where Paris alleges that they faked Michael’s voice. TMZ reports:

Paris had made the announcement in the midst of rumors that MJ’s parts on the Michael album were REALLY performed by an MJ sound-alike named Jason Malachi … but both Jason and Sony denied the allegations. During the video chat, Paris played one of the songs from the album, Hold My Hand … and one of her friends asks why the singer doesn’t sound like MJ. Paris replied, “It’s NOT him … the whole album isn’t even him!! Go online … go on YouTube and look up Jason Malachi. That’s him!!” She continues, “I should know if it’s him or not because he would sing to me all the time.”

I’m just going to say it right now: Paris Jackson don’t give a shit. Paris will not stand for your shit and she’ll call you on it, and that makes me pretty hopeful for her. I mean yeah, her dad was Michael Jackson, and he died when she was just a kid, but I think she’s got a good head on her shoulders. She’ll go far, I think.

Paris Jackson

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