Kim Kardashian makes people suicidal!

Kim Kardashian

Just in case you need any more ammunition in the whole “Kim Kardashian is the worst person in pop culture” debate, you can now add “she nearly drove her former publicist to suicide” to the list of reasons why she’s awful. Last night, Jonathan Jaxson wrote a suicidal screed on Twitter over how Kim’s lawsuit against him was basically going to leave him broke and penniless, and his boyfriend allegedly had to step in with medical personnel to make sure he was safe. RadarOnline reports:

“These chest pains worry me…all as I sit here looking at a bottle of round objects. It is too much anymore and tonight I was bullied!” Jaxson wrote on his Twitter account last night. “I feel like going to a better place then [sic] here on Earth right now. One is trying to destroy my life and I won’t ever win. Suicide I would never promote, but it is me against money and elite and I will never ever ever win… This is no hacker…It is me.” Jaxson also posted a YouTube video of himself crying and discussing how he could no longer fight Kim after her attempts to muzzle him. His Twitter account and YouTube account have since been deleted — but has screen grabs of the suicidal thoughts he tweeted. “Hey everyone. This is Jons BF and I just am getting here. He left all this up. Medical personal [sic] are here and are taking him now. Thank you,” a friend posted on his Twitter account after paramedics supposedly turned up at Jaxson’s home.

So basically, he’s alleging that Kim is attempting to sue and bully him into the grave, all because he merely confirmed the rumor (not starting it, just CONFIRMING WHAT WE ALREADY KNEW) that she fakes every part of her life for attention? Look, even if this isn’t true, and I’m pretty sure this is true, the fact remains that Kim has cultivated a public image where someone can accuse her of bullying them nearly to the point of suicide and all I can think is “yeah, she would nearly kill a person to be famous.”

Kim Kardashian

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