Surprise! Kim Kardashian is a selfish douchebag!

KIm Kardashian

Remember how there was a whole big stink about whether or not Kim Kardashian should give back all her wedding gifts because it turned out her fake sham wedding that barely even cleared the two-month mark? And then she was all like “I won’t give any of them back, but I will donate all the money to charity!” Well, it turns out by “charity” she meant “Rolex watches for my family.” What a douche. OK! magazine reports:

Though etiquette called for Kim to return her presents to her family and friends when her marriage ended after just 72 days, the reality starlet didn’t waste any time converting her wedding gifts to cold, hard cash after filing for divorce. “Kim had never had the gifts delivered,” an insider claims. “The store was still waiting for her to give them an address.” So the week after she filed for divorce, claims the source, “She went in to the storeband told them that she didn’t want the stuff after all. She had them just give her store credit for everything.” And with that, store insiders say, Kim, 31, bought a slew of luxe watches, including a pave diamond and shell dial Rolex for sister Kourtney.

So basically, Kim said she would do something honorable, and then said “Nah, the hell with that” and then told a bunch of needy kids to piss off because her family wasn’t covered in enough gaudy, expensive, golden bullshit. All this just a few days before Christmas. I’m not saying Kim is a terrible human being, because Kim is just the worst human being. She’s a spiteful, dripping, pus-oozing, decaying, festering, shit-caked canker sore on America’s asshole.

Kim Kardashian

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