Kim Kardashian wants to hang with George Clooney?

Kim Kardashian

Considering that Kim Kardashian‘s attempts at becoming Beyoncé‘s BFF went about as well as Wile E. Coyote trying to catch the Road Runner before being turned into a pile of ashes by a crappy ACME device (essentially, the cartoon world’s IKEA), of course she’s moving onto another famous person to uselessly hang off of. That person? George Clooney. She’s trying to get in with George’s crew now, via girlfriend Stacy Keibler. Ooooo boy, this is going to end well. The NY Daily News reports …

With Jay-Z’s wife showing little interest in being Kim Kardashian’s friend — even though she is dating her hubby’s good buddy Kanye West — the reality starlette has turned to another A-lister to pal around with: Stacy Keibler. O.K., calling Keibler an A-lister might be a bit of a stretch, but the retired professional wrestler has been linked to George Clooney since July 2011 and Kardashian was spotted with her a number of times last week. A source tells us Kardashian and Keibler first bumped into each other at Yankee Stadium last weekend at the Madonna concert, which Kardashian attended with her BFF Jonathan Cheban, who’s also friendly with Keibler. “They’ve known each other for years and have always been friendly, just not best friends,” says a source. During the week, the pair also hung out at the Marchesa fashion show in Grand Central Station, which Kardashian attended with West. On Thursday, the pals were spotted again at The Palladium Jewelry By Jacob & Co. Launch Celebration hosted by W Magazine at Jacob & Co. Flagship’s store in midtown.

Wow, becoming a useless hanger-on by way of another useless hanger-on? My God, it’s like The Human Centipede of vapid, entitled incompetence! Anyway, part of me sincerely hopes she manages to get into Clooney’s home, because I’m like 99% sure he has some sort of trap-door to get rid of trash. “The only thing worse than marriage is a 72-day fake marriage done for the sole purpose of money and attention. Perhaps the Rancor shall find you more suitable than I. *Pulls trap door lever*”

Kim Kardashian

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