Kris Humphries calls Kim’s shows fake!

Khloé, Lamar, Kim, and Kris

Why is it news when people call Kim Kardashian‘s shows fake? I mean seriously, at this point, that’s like freaking out because someone called The Simpsons a cartoon. Just … gah. Anyway, Kris Humphries is reportedly telling everyone that Kim’s show is fake, and is citing a moment where Kim mysteriously finds her missing earring IN THE OCEAN as a prime example. And it turns out, Khloé Kardashian is the only good egg, which once again: Well d’uh. RadarOnline reports:

“Kris was with Kim and her family in Bora Bora, and he playfully threw her in the sea. Kim emerged from the water, freaking out, with cameras rolling, shrieking that she had lost one of her diamond earrings, which are worth $75,000,” the source says.

“Kim was crying hysterically, but then miraculously, one of her younger sisters found the earring in the ocean, where the group had been swimming. It was probably 6-8 feet deep, and Kris commented to Kim how unbelievable it was that the valuable earring was found as the current in the ocean in Bora Bora is very, very strong. Kim just said, ‘I know,’ with very big smile on her face.”

“Kris says that Kim’s reality shows are a total sham. He doesn’t think there is anything real about the shows at all. Kris thinks that Khloé is truly the only authentic one among the Kardashian sisters,” the source says.

“Even though they didn’t get along, at all, he respects that Khloé does what she wants. If Kim and Kris had stayed together, and he had gotten traded to Dallas, like Lamar did, he knows Kim wouldn’t have moved with him like Khloé is doing.”

At this point, it really is hard to see how Kim can remain so steadfastly delusional that people actually like her, considering that everyone knows her show is a sham and that she uses people for money and attention. I mean hell, even Hitler eventually realized that the entire world thought he was a colossal sack of dog turds, and then he did the world a favor by trying to high-five a bullet with his skull. Look how awesome that turned out! All I’m saying is eventually, you have to realize that no one likes you.

Khloé, Lamar, Kim, and Kris

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