Ryan Gosling: Time’s coolest person of the year!

Ryan Gosling

Sure, Ryan Gosling may not have won People magazine’s sexiest man alive, an honor which fell to what appears to be the BP oil spill – oh wait, that’s just Bradley Cooper‘s mop – but at least the web’s reigning sex symbol won a way more impressive prize: Ryan was just named Time magazine’s Coolest Person of the Year. Via Time:

So the 2011 Coolest Person of the Year is a man who is tough but emotional. A movie star who broke up a fight on the streets of Manhattan and was also caught walking down a Manhattan street playing a Strumstick, which is like a ukulele only ukulelier. An Oscar nominee who also smokes, tags graffiti and has a predilection for posing with a fist to the camera but makes dioramas and takes public ballet classes alongside little girls too. He’s the only actor since Andy Kaufman to work as a waiter after making it in show business. One who has a rock band that spent a month accompanying a children’s marionette show in Los Angeles. He is a man who caused a protest outside our very own Time & Life Building when People magazine chose Bradley Cooper instead of him as the Sexiest Man Alive. I doubt Cooper is cool enough that his fans would object to his loss of Coolest Person of the Year by protesting in front of our building and blocking foot traffic with an annoying publicity swarm (Sixth Avenue and 50th Street, northwest corner most visible).

Ryan Gosling, the 2011 Coolest Person of the Year, is so cool that he refused to talk to me about this honor. Faced with this problem, other magazine franchises might back down and pick someone willing to play ball and be their publicity monkey, but the Coolest Person Committee is committed to the truth. Also, it was getting really close to deadline, so it just seemed a lot easier to stick with Gosling.

Well of course it was Ryan Gosling. Shit, remember Drive? I think he said all of seven words in the movie and walked around with a scorpion jacket, and he was still the most badass thing I’ve seen in a movie since Clint Eastwood started using his nipples as a gauge for how high he should wear his pants. Eff yeah, Ryan Gosling. Eff yeah.

Ryan Gosling

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