Kris Jenner is a great mother!

So as fresh new details emerge about what a money-sucking whore beast Kris Jenner is, we now get to delve even further into the abyss of moral emptiness as reports emerge that Kris was cheating on then-husband Robert Kardashian with Bruce Jenner in front of her kids, and then tried to sue Robert for more money because she deserved a lavish lifestyle, when in fact Kris deserves at best a shit sandwich with the crusts cut off. RadarOnline reports:

According to the divorce papers, which you can read exclusively here on RadarOnline, the couple went head-to-head over Kris’ lavish spending and Robert accused his then-wife of flaunting her new relationship with now-husband, Bruce Jenner in front of the children even letting the kids see them in bed together!

In the documents, filed in the Los Angles Superior Court, Robert revealed he was so upset when he found out about the affair, after almost 12 years of marriage, that the court feared he was a threat to his family and awarded Kris temporary custody of Kim, Kourtney, Khloé and Robert Jr. But Robert claimed the court ordered psychologist found his anger problems were “only situational.”

“This is true,” Robert said. “It was true that I was very upset when I found out the respondent was having an affair and I wanted a divorce.”

According to the documents, after discovering the affair an angry Robert cancelled Kris’ credit cards, store cards and stopped paying for her extravagant lifestyle ­ something Kris bitterly fought against as she claimed she deserved the “luxury lifestyle” she had been leading. “The petitioner and I shared a luxury lifestyle,” Kris said in her petition for spousal and child support. “Nothing was too good for our family. Even our children’s clothing was purchased at exclusive boutiques.”

I’m surprised Kris doesn’t have to kart a wheel barrow around with her in order to carry the massive balls she would need to cheat on her husband, then demand that he continue paying her for the sole reason that she’s her. Also: letting her children watch Bruce and her get it on with each other. Once again, this is why we need to bring back Eugenics. Parenting this bad deserves some sort of off-switch.

Kris Jenner

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