Kris Jenner puts the K in Klassy!

Kris Jenner

So while Kim Kardashian preps to get married in order to boost the ratings on her terrible show, Kris Jenner has decided that she needs to look her best for her daughter’s wedding by getting in shape, working out and eating right. HAHAHA, just kidding. She got a face lift. Congratulations on becoming a walking punchline!

Kris Jenner wanted to look her best for Kim Kardashian’s summer wedding — which explains why the 55-year-old reality star recently went under the knife, according to an E! News exclusive. Jenner’s facelift will, of course, be featured on an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “I’ve never had such a stressful morning, honestly, in my life,” Jenner says pre-surgery. SOURCE

Most mothers would get ready for their daughter’s wedding through diet and exercise, but Kris looked in the mirror and thought “You know what would be awesome? If I showed up to Kim’s wedding with a face resembling a catcher’s mitt wrapped in masking tape because I paid a doctor to cut off my face and staple it back on as tight as possible. Yup, nothing completely insane about that. Drink pills cry.”

Kris Jenner

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