WTF: Lady Gaga and Julie Andrews?!

Julie Andrews and Lady Gaga

I don’t really get what’s going on here with legendary actress/singer Julie Andrews (in 1964’s Mary Poppins) and Lady Gaga, so you can read the press release for yourself. Whatever it all means, I do find it to be interesting, I might have to pick up one of the limited edition prints being made available soon!

Julie Andrews and Lady Gaga


The artist Saul Zanolari presents on the website his brand new portrait Echography of Change before the 2011 scheduled shows in NYC and Rome. The subjects of this artworks are Lady Gaga and Julie Andrews. The artist plays on the oxymoron between tradition and transgression represented by these two icons.

This portrait has a Disney background but on the lower side the reading key becomes surgical and medical with an echography of a new Gaga’s creature. This artwork is full of hidden meanings, details and symbols. This is a new evolving step in the artistic growth of Saul Zanolari. The original artwork is 79’x70′ (200×180 cm), digital painting and acrylic on canvas. Soon available a 100 limited edition print on paper 20’x18′ (50×45 cm) on

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