Lady Gaga doesn’t understand how extensions work!

It’s been a couple weeks since Lady Gaga wore something wild and/or crazy, so last night she wore a dress made of hair. Meh. I mean yeah, it’s kinda crazy, but it’s not that crazy, is it? I mean, on a scale from one to insane, this probably ranks at Gary Busey: kinda crazy, but nothing really all that special.

Anyway, look everyone! Gaga kinda looks like Ke$ha now. Or whatever. And for all of you wondering, that dress is made entirely out of adorable golden retrievers. Ha ha! Just kidding. They actually just shaved some hairy guy’s ass and made a dress out of his peach fuzz. Oh Lady Gaga, you so cuh-ray-zay.

See more pictures of Gaga’s hairy dress over on Marie Claire!

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