Lady Gaga’s perfume: Needlessly complicated?

Lady Gaga - Fame

I’m honest to God surprised it’s taken this long for Lady Gaga to get her own perfume. I swear, each member of the Kardashian family already has his or her own, and they look like they smell like piss. Actually, one of them literally does smell like piss. Because that’s why Kim is famous. For getting peed on in a sex tape. Think about that. Anyway, Gaga is finally unveiling her own perfume called Fame, and in true Gaga fashion, she’s turning something simple and pedantic into a complicated, overly-wordy manifesto about nothing really. Via Basenotes:

This fragrance … has a unique structure called the “push-pull technology,” where the ingredients interact together to highlight different olfactive aspects of each note at the same time, without any hierarchy. All of the notes were crafted to work together harmoniously thanks to the complimentary properties of each ingredient, which allow for a true metamorphosis of the scent when worn on skin. The scent is built around three main accords: dark, sensual and light. The dark accord was inspired by Belladonna, the deadly nightshade possessed by haunted beauties since the 18th century. From this darkness, the fragrance evolves to a sensual accord of opulence, a fusion of dripping honey, saffron and apricot nectar. And lastly, the light accord whispers magnificence. The rich floral layer of crushed Tiger Orchid & Jasmine Sambac embodies timeless beauty. The accords work together to create a fragrance of floral and fruity elements, with the star ingredient inspired by Belladonna leveling out the whole fragrance and giving Lady Gaga Fame its signature as a scent.

Here’s the funny thing: no one cares about perfume. Seriously. Name one time a guy walked up to a girl and said “My gosh, your perfume … it’s triggering different aspects of my olfactory senses! I MUST HAVE YOU.” Honestly, they could have just said “we made water smell like trees!” and it would have had about as much impact on the people smelling you as whatever the hell they spent two paragraphs trying to tell me.

Lady Gaga - Fame

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