It’s like ‘The Hills’ never ended …

Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port

Oh look, two of the whores from The Hills are fighting. Again. Honestly, it’s like fucking clockwork with these people. Anyway, Whitney Port, who I thought was actually dead until this story popped up, is pissed off at Lauren Conrad, who I didn’t think was dead but secretly wished she was, because Whitney thinks her show was canceled to make way for Lauren’s show, which was canceled before it even made it to the air. Try and figure out how that one works, I dare ya.

Though Whitney Port, 25, and Lauren Conrad, 25, were close pals on The Hills, an insider tells the new issue of Us Weekly (on stands now) that the two have gone their separate ways. “Whitney is upset because she thinks that The City was canceled to make room for Lauren’s new reality show,” the source tells Us. “Whitney feels like she got the shaft.” SOURCE

Yes, her show was given the boot so that they could make the show that they had no intention of actually making. That makes sense … actually, now that I think about it, it totally does. If you could make up a fake show in order to get a crappy real show canceled, wouldn’t you? Before you answer, consider how goddamn awful everything on MTV is. “Sorry Whitney, but we need to focus all of our attention on Puppies With Laser Eyes Eating Cupcakes. You understand, right?”

Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port

UPDATE: Whitney Port took to her blog today to clear the air on some rumors that had been circulating regarding an alleged feud between the reality starlet and her former co-star, Lauren Conrad. Whitney wrote, “This week has been a little crazy with some funny nonsense that US Weekly has been circulating. I feel sometimes like I don’t have to justify this stuff, but I just want to clear up that everything is more than fine between Lauren and me. So to put the rumor to rest, I wanted to let you know that there are no hard feelings between us!” SOURCE

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