Lea Michele is such a sweetheart!

Lea Michele

So Coachella was this weekend, providing hipsters and rich white people ever the opportunity to get really high in the desert while listening to about twenty good bands and a hundred shitty ones. Anyway, some of the cast from Glee, including Lea Michele, Harry Shum Jr. (sigh …) and Chord Overstreet, went out to the festival and when Harry decided to flirt with a couple girls, Lea took the opportunity to make fun of the girls for no reason and generally act like a total cockblock.

“Harry introduced himself to two girls as Jerry from San Luis Obispo and said he was unemployed,” an eyewitness reports. “The girls played along even though they knew who he was.” But when one girl jokingly called “Jerry” over to sit with them later, Lea couldn’t resist making fun of her … “Lea started laughing and imitated her in a high-pitched voice,” the onlooker said. “She was totally mocking her for no reason.” SOURCE

Sure, why not? She bitches out the press, blew off an Oscar-nominated actress and generally acts like a huge bitch, so the idea that she’d cockblock her co-workers doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Lea: Hey Harry! What’s up?
Harry: Not much, I – *Lea kicks him in the balls* WHY?!
Lea: Have you heard my voice? It’s amazing! … DO NOT LOOK ME IN THE EYE!

Lea Michele

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