Lindsay Lohan’s ‘miscarriage’ is being questioned in court

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

I have no doubt in my mind that when Lindsay Lohan used her ‘miscarriage’ as a defensive move in her current court case, she absolutely thought that the judge would just take her word for it because she’s LiLo. But of course, the judge has to be mean and enforce those “laws” Lindsay keeps hearing about, which is why he’s asking for proof and Lindsay refuses to give it to him because … well, we all know why. So now according to RadarOnline, the company she’s currently fighting is calling her out on her B.S.

“Why during this same time period … Ms. Lohan has been able to party at the Coachella music Festival in Indio, CA, attend the Art Basel Festival in Miami Beach, FL, film a guest spot on a CBS sitcom, film a multi-part documenter/reality show … travel to London, England, travel intermittently to Los Angeles, CA, appear on the David Letterman Show and engage in other conduct easily discoverable on the internet.” In addition, they want to know when exactly Lohan entered and left rehab, since her time there affected her work on their collaboration.

BLAMMO! It’s about time someone in the case actually said something about that, because let’s be real here, that was some serious B.S. No matter how you cut it, she refuses to take responsibility for her actions. She’s happy to reap the benefits of her celebrity, but when it comes time for her to put the work in, she’ll pull out any lame excuse she can think of if it means she can do whatever she wants.

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