‘Two and a Half Men’ to end with season 12

Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half Men

Somewhere out there, Charlie Sheen just did a line of Tiger Blood before ejaculating an F-16. Why? Because Two and a Half Men, every aspiring comedian’s whipping boy, is coming to an end, after twelve whole seasons of playing in the background at your parents house when you go home for Thanksgiving. Via THR

“Chuck Lorre is creating a season-long event. We did very well last year with announcing final season of How I Met Your Mother here, too. Chuck is very psyched about this; he’s got some great ideas and very big surprises,” CBS’ Nina Tassler announced Wednesday during the network’s pre-upfront press breakfast in New York. “We know fans and audiences respond to that and that should really give us a nice boost when we launch our new comedy.” The executive also declined comment on whether one of those surprises could be the return of Charlie Sheen to the series.

The funny thing is that in the twelve years the show’s been on, I’ve literally never met a single person who actually claims to watch the show, and yet it was always consistently in the top. Which is why I have this theory on the show: Two and a Half Men automatically comes on anytime you leave the TV on and you stop watching. It’s always there. Silently waiting in the background for its opportunity to sneak on. Either that or my parents really do watch it 24/7.

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