Lindsay Lohan did Letterman and she’s ready for rehab!

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Despite the fact that she basically acted like the biggest a-hole ever on the set of Scary Movie 5 and now the producers hate her, I guess they figured that they might as well have Lindsay Lohan do the press rounds so that they can get the word out before critics tear the movie apart. So last night she went on David Letterman‘s late night show, where you can almost see the star that could have been has Lindsay not grown up to have one of the most crippling entitlement complexes ever.

And in case you’re wondering about the whole rehab thing, prosecutors have finally figured out a rehab for her after realizing that both lockdown rehab and her back-up plan, “A hotel made of ice cream,” don’t exist. TMZ reports …

Seafield is NOT a lockdown facility — something prosecutors and the judge required. But we broke the story … there’s no such thing as a true lockdown rehab joint where people are essentially held hostage. We’ve learned prosecutors have modified the plea bargain and have agreed on Seafield. It’s an inpatient facility where patients are not supposed to leave, but no one can stop them if they walk out the door. But here’s the reason why Seafield was chosen — It has 24-hour staff guarding the doors, as well as surveillance cameras and walls. If Lindsay tries to leave, she can’t be stopped, but someone would see her and notify authorities. That would trigger a probation violation and the judge would almost certainly throw her butt in jail.

The more I actually see Lindsay, the more I kinda think that her problem isn’t so much that she’s addicted to anything specifically, so much as she’s just been programmed to think she’s entitled to anything and everything she wants. Seriously, when we hear about her now, it’s more about her acting badly on set and indulging herself by having other people take the bullet for her. Hopefully, someone steps in and reminds her that no, she can’t have everything she wants, because she can still turn it around. *Knocks on ALL THE WOOD.*

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