Farrah Abraham wants $2 Million for her porno


So remember how Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham made a sex tape, except it was actually a porno because this is probably the most mature and responsible things she’s done in her entire life? Well, she wants $2 Million to actually release it because of course she does. TMZ reports …

Farrah Abraham is finally copping to shooting a full-on porn — with A-list porn star James Deen — but says even though it was intended for her personal scrapbook … she’s willing to sell it for $2 million. The ex-Teen Mom star’s reason for shooting the XXX video is simply the best … telling TMZ she wanted to immortalize her smokin’ hot 21-year-old body — for her personal collection — so she could look back on it when she’s old.

Farrah, seriously: You were on a show where America watched you fail to raise a baby. For your efforts, MTV paid you in breast implants. Your mother is the only reason your baby isn’t in the foster care system, and you spent the duration of the show trying to scream her to death. After the show, your waxed your baby’s eyebrows because HERP DERP HURR. For God’s sake, this is the only chance you will ever get to make a decent amount of money for someone of your overall level of talent. Oh girlfriend, go on and take whatever you can get for it, even if you have to bring down your price.

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