lindsay lohan does sept 07’s elle!

hey hey! even though she has been involved in a lot of drama recently – lindsay lohan is still getting to play cover girl – the messy starlet is featured on the september issue of elle magazine plus the interview inside took place the day before her first DUI on may 26th (the ‘hit & run to the neighbors’ one) below are a few choice quotes – oh my gosh – you have to get a kick out of the first one – where she claims she’d never drink & drive…never say never girlfriend! ever since her second arrest she has apparently been in hiding (she’s actually back on my native turf long island – i hail from stony brook) but she won’t be able to lay low for too much longer – she has a couple of dates in court coming up soon! i can’t wait to see how this all turns out for her – plus if she’ll be able to keep herself together in the future and put her career back on the hot track! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

on her reputation for drunk driving: i wouldn’t violate…i’m much more responsible than that. i would not do that.

on attending rehab at wonderland before her 21st birthday: i was growing up and going out a lot, and i needed to have a balance. i was glad i went, because i needed to get away from everyone and i didn’t know how to do that. and i learned a lot there. a bunch of my friends – i was with them last night – they’re in aa for, like, years.

on her sometimes-boyfriend calum best: i like him. he’s me in male form. we’re very similar. stubborn, rebellious, very smart, coy, a little bit narcissistic – i think all actors have a little bit of that, and so they should. we’ll be kidding around, like the other day when we were in the bahamas…i was walking by some mirror. and he caught me looking in the mirror and he goes, ‘i caught that!’ i was like, ‘damn, i look good!’

on her future projects: there’s this walter salles film i really want to do. it’s called on the road. it has the vibe of that movie the dreamers […] i want to work with walter salles so bad. i had to audition for him. it was the first audition i’ve had since freaky friday.

on the media firestorm surrounding her: i feel like the asshole, the idiot, because i feel like i’m distracting from the other things that are important, like global warming and that kind of stuff. i genuinely mean that. and i don’t know what to do.

on avoiding fame: i hate it, like, when these people say, ‘well, why do you go to the ivy if you don’t want…’ seriously, i like their food! i can’t go to a restaurant? i know i’m going to get pictures taken. i’m fine with it. and i’m going to go have their food. people give you shit for it: ‘don’t go on robertson!’ what, i can’t drive down the street?

on being photographed without underwear: it was once, and it was when i was in venice. and i was rushing through the room, threw the prada dress on. and that’s what happened. and i didn’t even see the picture. i don’t look at that shit – that’s gross. if i wear a dress i have underwear on.

on sleep troubles: i have really bad insomnia. my whole life. i get nervous at night going to bed, and being awake alone really freaks me out.

on her career aspirations: i just want to be nominated for an award for all the work i’ve done. it’s so funny – people forget that i played two characters in parent trap when i was twelve years old.

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