rob zombie’s halloween!

hey hey! i tried to make it down to the beach – but something came up i had to deal with – so perhaps next weekend i can get my sand & surf on! i’m sure most of you have heard by now that 1978’s classic horror film halloween (directed by john carpenter) has been revisited (or if you prefer updated & re-imagined) by metal rocker turned director rob zombie – normally i’m not such a fan of film remakes (especially when the original still holds up today) but i’m a huge fan of mr. zombie – his first two films house of 1000 corpses & the devil’s rejects both had great style & gore – i’m very curious to see how he handled his latest film project (at least two things remain the same – villain ‘michael meyers’ & the haunting theme music…but no jamie lee curtis who rocked as the original ‘laurie strode’) the new halloween (join the film on myspace) hits theaters at the end of this month on august 31st! (if it does well at the box-office (which i assume it will) we might be seeing plenty more remakes of kick-ass horror films) make sure to watch the scary trailer below which was just released! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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