lindsay lohan goes miu piu…

hey hey! i hope all of you are having a swell weekend – i’ve been here battling a tivo issue – oh it’s a long boring story (in a nutshell mr. tivo doesn’t like channels 32 & above…i had to get a signal amplifier which doesn’t seem to help…) i’ve got two tivos, a DVD player, plus the VCR all hooked up in one big cable nightmare! hopefully though i can rewire everything but that equals drama! i should be doing something more fun on a saturday but it’s been so damn cold here so staying in is ok – although i know it’s warmer in los angeles than a lot of other places so i should just shut up about it!

so someone at miu miu must have lost their marbles – there’s lindsay lohan looking like a blow-up doll in their latest ad campaign due for spring ’07! gosh i bet there’ll be more of la lohan parading the miu! david gilmore the funny man behind pretty on the outside whipped up a great illustration that gets to the heart of the matter…oh yes…it’s the firecrotch! let’s see if the passion that burns between her legs helps boost sales! i can’t get over that whole mom dina lohan gossip item from yesterday – what a classy broad with a napkin on her lap…maybe it’s not true but i certainly wouldn’t put it past her! popbytes over & out for now…i can’t wait to see cutie jake gyllenhaal host saturday night live tonight – xxoo!


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