Lindsay Lohan hates Justin Bieber!

Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber

Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber

So yesterday, Justin Bieber tried to deflect all the bad press headed his way by basically saying, “I’m rich, so I can do whatever I want. Also, Lindsay Lohan is doing worse than I am so that automatically means I’m just peachy keen.” Somehow, acting like an arrogant douche and shifting the focus onto someone else only got him even more negative publicity, and now Lindsay (quite rightly) thinks Justin can go screw himself. TMZ reports …

Bieber quickly deleted the insult and apologized, but Lindsay is telling friends … it’s too little, too late … and “karma” will bite him in the ass. We’re told Lindsay feels Bieber’s comments were “senseless and mean” — she’s never had beef with him … and has no idea why he chose to single her out, bullying her on an international platform. Lindsay says she’s learned to brush off the negativity … and chooses not worry about rude, ungrateful, obnoxious little hairless boys.

On one hand, yes, LiLo does act like a huge dumbass (see: her latest court case), but there’s still something about Justin taking a potshot at her without any rhyme or reason for it that rubs me the wrong way. I mean yes, we’re not her biggest fans, but we actually base it on her behavior and her attitude, rather than “Haha! She’s so damn poor!”

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