Lindsay Lohan hooked up with Terry Richardson?

Lindsay Lohan and Terry Richardson

Because Lindsay Lohan apparently has some sort of thing for banging gargoyles (see: Ronson, Samantha) it probably shouldn’t come as any surprise that reports are going around saying that Lindsay not only banged photographer Terry Richardson, despite the fact that he looks like the kind of guy who would ask you to answer his riddles three before letting you cross his bridge, and now she wants to actually date him in earnest, even though he has absolutely no will to date her. RadarOnline reports:

“Lindsay and Terry have been friends for years,” the source tells RadarOnline. “And she’s always had a thing for him. Lindsay thinks he’s really cool and hip and could be great for her career.

“They had a major night of passion after they worked on this photo shoot together and now she’s going all out to get her claws into him. But Terry is just not interested in pursuing a relationship with Lindsay and totally regrets hooking up with her.

“Lindsay has been texting and phoning him nonstop and he’s actually kind of freaked out by how strong she’s been coming on to him; it’s all pretty unseemly. As Terry said, there’s nothing more unattractive than a desperate woman. It’s a difficult situation though as they move in the same circles and have a lot of mutual friends. He’s trying to work out a way to let her down gently without blowing their friendship.”

Once again: Terry Richardson. How do you screw him? He looks like the kind of guy you bang through a glory hole, not because of any sort of sexual thrill, but because you would need an entire wall between the two of you, lest you meet his gaze and you turn to stone. But maybe Lindsay just has a thing for hipster artists who she thinks could be good for her ‘career’.

Lindsay Lohan and Terry Richardson

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