Lindsay Lohan is being sued … again!

Lindsay Lohan

It’s a day that ends in Y, which means that Lindsay Lohan is in legal trouble again because at this point, I’m pretty sure the woman eats subpoenas for breakfast like toast. Anyway, it looks like Dawn Holland, the Betty Ford Clinic worker that Lindsay allegedly smacked the shit out of last year after she tried to administer a breathalyzer test, is suing Lindsay for assault now because that sweet, sweet “Lindsay Lohan slapped me across the tits” money can only last so long. Just ask anyone in Hollywood.

Dawn Holland — who now goes by Dawn Bradley — is all set to file the legal docs today … in which she claims Lohan was combative and violent when she tried to give the actress a breathalyzer test at the rehab center back in December … after Lohan had allegedly snuck off the property to go boozing. In the lawsuit, Holland claims Lohan grabbed her right wrist and began “twisting and pulling it for 8-10 seconds.” But here’s the rub — back when Dawn filed her initial incident report with the BFC, she NEVER mentioned the wrist grab … even though the rest of her story syncs up perfectly. SOURCE

Wait, really? THIS is the detail you’re going to get hung up on? “Yeah, LiLo drunkenly punched this woman in the teeth because she was trying to keep her from drinking while she was in rehab and pretty much everyone knows it, but she never grabbed her wrists! So let her off the hook again. And give her a car! The little scamp’s earned it. You have fun little missy.”

Lindsay Lohan

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