Weston Cage got banned from the UFC

Weston Cage and Nicolas Cage

From what I can tell, the fighters of the UFC can be split into two individual categories: Those who enjoy beating the crap out of people, and those who enjoy having the crap beaten out of them. Well, Weston Cage has officially been deemed to insane and violent to be a member of the latter category after he was arrested for domestic assault against himself (awesome job proving your sanity there, man), and has now been banned from the UFC.

UFC head honcho Dana White just issued a lifetime BAN on Nicolas Cage’s son — telling TMZ, “I would never allow Weston Cage to set foot in a UFC ring after two domestic violence arrests.” Weston previously told us, he was already training to fight in UFC — and his dream would be to face off against Kimbo Slice in the Octagon … but according to Dana, that will never happen. SOURCE

Just to put this into perspective: do you have any idea how violent and crazy you have to be the get banned from a competition where the sole purpose is to beat the other person into a pulp in the most magnificent way possible? Okay yeah, about half the fights usually just end up with the fighters spooning each other on the mat while punching each other in the dick, but still, at least it’s fun to watch and there are sweaty muscular guys writhing around and … fuck, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, Weston is a colossal dumbass.

Weston Cage and Nicolas Cage

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