Lindsay Lohan is quitting smoking!

Lindsay Lohan

Good news, everyone! Lindsay Lohan is finally giving up that one major vice that’s been holding her back for all these years: smoking! Meh, to be honest with you, after all those years living off of nothing but cocaine, gin and Carvel ice cream (and the occasional gin milkshake topped with whipped cream and coke … girl needs to indulge once in a while), smoking was probably the healthiest thing she’s ever done for her body.

Lindsay Lohan has quit smoking — a great move for her health … whether there’s a jail sentence for probation violation on her horizon … or not (as she continues to believe). Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she’s continuing on the path to a healthier life by kicking her nicotine habit … cold turkey no less. We’re told Lindsay quit about a week ago and now works out with a trainer every morning. While LiLo has been adamant about not accepting a plea bargain that includes jail time — Lynwood Correctional Facility … her old haunts … is a non-smoking detention center. SOURCE

While I can appreciate Lindsay Lohan trying to get herself back in good health … Jesus, sweetie. No booze, no drugs and no smoking? The girl needs to find some sort of outlet here, or else she’s going to explode into a ball of fiery repression. I suggest sex and food. Preferably at the same time. You’d be surprised how many uses you can get out of a Pop-Tart in bed, just ask Samantha Ronson!

Lindsay Lohan

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