Lindsay Lohan is still bisexual. I think.

Lindsay Lohan

So Lindsay Lohan ended up doing a Skype Interview for a radio show in Australia, which should probably show you just how desperate she is for a comeback. Seriously, radio is still a thing? Huh. Learn something new every day. Anyway, one of the hosts of the show put her on the spot and asked if she was still a bisexual or if at this point, Lindsay’s genitals had succeeded and formed their own identity, and Lindsay gave … an answer? I think? Who fucking knows at this point.

‘We’d love to know whether you’re like a lesbian or whether you’re a bi, because boys wanna know if they still have a chance. Have we still got a chance?’ shock jock Sandilands asked. ‘Yes,’ Lindsay responded simply. The 24-year-old Mean Girls star had a volatile on-off two romance with Ronson, a celebrity DJ. SOURCE

Well, actually, when you consider that thus far, the only three people Lindsay has ever been romantically linked to were Aaron Carter, Fez and Sam Ronson, I don’t think Lindsay Lohan is bisexual, so much as she is just attracted to deformed monsters posing as celebrities. Mark my words, in about a year, the bitch wll be all over Justin Bieber. “Wow, your hair is actually made of lego AND you have the desiccated fetus of your dead twin attached to your back? STICK IT IN ME.”

Lindsay Lohan

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