Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer doesn’t know how to reach her

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Considering Lindsay Lohan not only failed to pay Shawn Holley, one of the best lawyers out there, but fired her in favor of a guy (Mark Heller) who seems to think that lucky rabbits’ feet and hitting on the judge are the way to go, you would figure that everyone to ever pass the bar exam would have agreed to never touch her. Except it turns out, Lindsay currently has another lawsuit on her hands, stemming from a 2010 incident where she hit photographer Grigor Balyan, with her car, and her OTHER lawyer Julia Azrael is going on the record to say that she can’t control Lindsay basically because she can’t even get in touch with her freckled ass. Gosh, really? No way. Via ContactMusic

The Mean Girls star is embroiled in legal proceedings with photographer Grigor Balyan, who alleges he was hit by her car outside a nightclub in Los Angeles in 2010. He filed a lawsuit against the actress last year (12), and recently lodged legal documents claiming Lohan has repeatedly failed to appear for a deposition as part of the ongoing legal drama. Balyan also took aim at Lohan’s lawyer, Julia Azrael, who is representing the star in the case, insisting she was responsible for making sure her client gave testimony. However, Azrael has now hit back, claiming she has been unable to contact the actress. In court documents, obtained by TMZ, she writes, “I have made many efforts to convince Lohan to appear for her deposition. I do not know how to reach her directly.”

In all fairness, it’s probably for the best that Lindsay didn’t show up at all…

Lawyer: Lindsay, did you hit our client with your car back in 2010?
Lindsay: Is your client a baby?
Lawyer: No.
Lindsay: Then no. Like Ginny the Magic Gin Bottle always says, if you’re gonna run someone ever, make sure they’re too young to remember or talk. Right Ginny?
Ginny: Put me in your face and drive through a methadone clinic! Come on, let’s do this!
Lindsay: Oh Ginny, sometimes I wish you were my mother.

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