Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood hate each other?

Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood

Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood

At this point, it’s really only a matter of time before Taylor Swift dates her way out of a job, since she’s managed to plough through half of Hollywood in the space of a few years, and then take a steaming dump on each successive relationship by writing petty break-up anthems. All I’m saying is, when your business plan can be boiled down to “burn every bridge possible,” you don’t really have a sustainable, long-term gig going for you. And now, according to Us Weekly, Taylor is pissing off the ladies too, after she threw a wrench into the Grammys’ seating plan because she hates Carrie Underwood.

“Such a headache!” the insider said of the last-minute scrambling. According to another source, however, the strategic separation of the two wasn’t just limited to the Staples Center auditorium on Sunday, Feb. 10. Staff members also had to keep the pair “from crossing paths” on the red carpet and throughout the ceremony. But the root of the country contention isn’t coming from Swift, a friend of the singer insists. “Taylor feels Carrie is always rude to her, so she steers clear of her,” the pal told Us. (A Grammy rep countered: “No requests were received from either artist.”) The American Idol alum gave a rousing performance of her hit “Blown Away” during Sunday’s awards ceremony, but Swift didn’t seem too impressed. “After Carrie performed, Taylor didn’t stand,” an eyewitness told Us. “Everyone else did.”

Wait, did Taylor just pull a Chris Brown? Holy mother of hell, the sweet little country girl just pulled the same bitch move as the guy who nearly beat his girlfriend to death. It’s official: We can no longer pretend like Taylor is America’s sweetheart, because that’s messed up. I just hope Adele laid into her afterwards, because that would have been killer.

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