Lindsay might have two mob movies now!

Lindsay Lohan

Since we’ve pretty much run all the “Lindsay Lohan likes drugs and stealing” jokes into the ground (we literally have a template. No, really. We just fill it in with places, drugs and things stolen and run it. I wish I was joking), it’s time for Lindsay to finally get her life back on track. Not only is the executive producer of the John Gotti biopic trying to get Lindsay on the project, but she’s also lining up another movie, ALSO about the mob, from the writer of The Usual Suspects.

Said Marc Fiore, executive producer of the upcoming Gotti: Three Generations “I want Lindsay to be in Gotti and another movie that I’m producing. She’s a great, great actress.” The second project is Mob Street, a movie about the Mafia’s involvement in Wall Street’s high finance and written by The Usual Suspects’ Chazz Palminteri. And there’s a co-starring role being kept in a warm place for the 24-year-old Lohan. Fiore brushed off Lohan’s habit to let trouble find her, saying: “She’s been very professional with me. People make mistakes. Look at so many other people in Hollywood.” SOURCE

Yes, look at other people  for some reason. Sure, Robert Downey Jr. managed to turn around a life of drinking and drugs, but the difference is he was actually talented and didn’t come from a family of insane enablers. I’m not saying I don’t want the best for Lindsay, but perhaps looking at everyone else in Hollywood might not be the absolute best way to shine a positive light on her. Unless you consider how many woman-abusing men there are, in which case Lindsay looks like a goddamn saint.

Judge: Lindsay, did you fill this hot tub with Jack Daniels again?
Lindsay: Yes, but at least I didn’t assault the people I love.
Judge: Good point. And to reward that, I left a trail of cocaine back to your whiskey tub. Just follow your nose, wherever it goes!

Lindsay Lohan

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