Robert Pattinson watched a clown die, seriously!

Robert Pattinson

This may honest to God be the weirdest story I’ve ever covered, but what the hell, right? Anyway, much like any rational person, Robert Pattinson hates going to the circus and watching clowns, and not just because clowns are terrifying jesters that mock us in our nightmares. No, it gets worse for R-Pattz. It turns out, on his first trip to the circus, he actually watched a clown die in a stunt gone wrong. No, really, let him explain it.

The Twilight actor plays a runaway who joins a travelling circus in his new movie Water For Elephants, and he admits the film role brought the awful memory back. During an appearance on the Today show on Monday, Pattinson explained, “The first time I went to a circus, somebody died. One of the clowns died. His little car exploded, the joke car exploded on him. Everybody ran out, it was terrifying.” SOURCE

HOLY CRAP. You know what’s worse than a regular clown? The charred corpse of a clown that you have just watched die an agonizing death. How do you even cope with something like that? I just called up a friend of mine who works as a psychologist and told him this story and now he’s just curled up in the corner of his office weeping. Let this be a lesson kids: NEVER GO TO THE CIRCUS. You’ll just end up seeing things that cannot be unseen.

Robert Pattinson

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