No Playboy cover for Michaele Salahi!

Michaele Salahi

A quick preface to this post: I have never seen a single episode of any Real Housewives show. If I wanted to watch a bunch of shrill harpies who hate each other, I’d go rent Sex and the City 2. Anyway, one of the whores – I mean housewives, Michaele Salahi (who some of you might remember as the dumbass bitch who crashed a White House party) recently did a shoot with Playboy, because really it’s not like she has that many viable career options, and now she’s all sad because it turns out she was denied the cover. HA! Eat it, bitch!

Sources involved with the spread tell us … The Real Housewives of D.C. star received an email from Playboy honchos informing her, “There is no opportunity this calendar year to offer you a cover opportunity or place for your pictorial.” Playboy informed Michaele the company would instead feature her on the website — explaining, “We had hoped an issue would be available to present you in the pages of the magazine first. However, that does not seem likely and we do not want to keep them from our readers any longer.” SOURCE

It really doesn’t surprise me that she did Playboy, mostly because the magazine seems to be a breeding ground for dumb, delusional blondes who don’t really have much else going for them (see: Wilkinson, Kendra). Although you have to be a very special kind of nobody to not even land a cover when you’re on a huge reality TV show. I’d say the bitch is bottom of the barrel, but at this point we’ve chipped our way through the bottom of the barrel, dug through the Earth’s crust and are now scooping the mantle.

Michaele Salahi

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