Either Lindsay Lohan is pregnant or she doesn’t know how April Fool’s Day works

Lindsay Lohan

As you know, yesterday was April Fool’s Day and for the most part we tried our hardest not to end up duped like a bunch of a-holes. For the most part, all the jokes yesterday were pretty obvious so no one was dumb enough to fall for it, but then Lindsay Lohan had to go and tweet this after April Fool’s officially ended …Lindsay Lohan

So there are two ways this can go…

  1. Not only is Lindsay Lohan unable to show up to a set on time, she can’t even be bothered to show up to April Fool’s. I mean really, you had 24 hours to do something, and you couldn’t even do that right. Lindsay Lohan, you fail in ways the human mind is unprepared for.
  2. Lindsay Lohan is actually pregnant, and oh God no. NO. NOOOOOOOO! Considering all the sh!t that Lindsay has put in her body in the last few months, that kid is going to come out looking like a jackalope.


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