Lindsay spent Valentine’s Day with Sam Ronson?

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

So yesterday was Anna Howard Shaw Day, or if you buy into that sort of bullshit, it was Shameless Capitalism Clumsily Disguised As Forced Displays of False Affection Day. Anyway, Lindsay Lohan spent Valentine’s Day with Sam Ronson, but it was totally amicable and friendly! By which I mean it was a huge sham so that Lindsay could have another shot at banging a crack gargoyle.

We’re told Lindsay and Samantha will join a small group of friends for an intimate dinner party in Brentwood — in honor of LiLo’s entertainment manager’s birthday. One person from LiLo’s inner circle tells us, “At the moment Lindsay and Samantha are just friends … nothing more … nothing less.” SOURCE

No, two people who used to date and who are now ‘friends’ can have dinner together on V.D. without it being weird. Just like I could make up with the overgrown mountain of turds and lies I used to date. Oh, wait, that ended just as badly as it did the first time. Let this be a lesson: You cannot be friends with your ex. Especially if your ex happens to be insane and freckled/moobed.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

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