Lindsay Lohan to debut her Playboy spread on Ellen?

Lindsay Lohan - Playboy Magazine

Despite the fact that Ellen DeGeneres‘ show is pretty much the cutest, most adorable G-rated family daytime talk show out there, someone was apparently kicked in the head by a horse or something because Lindsay Lohan will debut her Playboy magazine spread on Ellen, because showing everyone a drug addict’s naked photo spread in a girlie magazine is totally appropriate for the television show my grandma watches. Page Six reports:

Lindsay Lohan will unveil her highly anticipated Playboy spread during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, her rep told NewsCore Tuesday. In her first television interview since she served jail time for violating her probation, Lohan, 25, will chat with DeGeneres on December 15th to promote her pictorial in the January/February issue of the men’s magazine. The issue will go on sale in late December.

Oh hell, I cannot wait to see how Ellen tries to introduce Lindsay. “Our first guest used to be a famous actress, but then she blew it all away on cocaine, DUIs, and necklace stealing. But now she’s found herself back on top thanks to her letting photographers take pictures of her vagina for an 84-year-old man’s magazine, all while her family watches! And now we’re going to show you her firecrotch! In related news, I just fired all my producers.”

(Sidenote: You know your career is over when your vagina doesn’t even make sweeps week!)

Lindsay Lohan - Playboy Magazine

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