Lindsay Lohan to play Sharon Tate?

Lindsay Lohan and Sharon Tate

Because I swear to God, Lindsay Lohan has a new comeback every week, LiLo is now being offered a role as one of Charles Manson’s victims, actress Sharon Tate (stabbed to death while pregnant back in 1969), in a new movie. Of course, as we all know this movie is either never going to be made, or it’s going to suck really hard and no one will remember it and Lindsay will have such a small part that no one even remembers she was in it. Place your bets now!

The movie’s called Eyes of a Dreamer and is being produced by Brad Wyman … one of the guys who did Monster with Charlize Theron. The part of Charles Manson will be played by celeb photographer Tyler Shields — whose work you might recognize — and get this … Tyler’s directing the whole shebang. SOURCE

Look, I really want Lindsay to get back on her feet, I do. She’s like the crack-addicted best friend who you thought was totally awesome in high school, but now she’s been couch-surfing off of you for the past six months and she keeps eating your pizza pops. It’s like girl, them ain’t you pizza pops, them’s Feisty’s pizza pops! Bitch better not make me put my rings on, because I will smack the coke out of her nose and the jizz off her lips … where was I? Oh yeah, I will cut a bitch over pizza pops!

Lindsay Lohan and Sharon Tate

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