Ryan Kwanten is a hunky hero!

Ryan Kwanten

If you’ve never seen True Blood, you’ve probably missed the sexiness that is Ryan Kwanten, who spends almost every episode running around naked. Seriously. I’ve seen Ryan’s ass more than I have my own (in all fairness, how am I supposed to crane my neck all the way back there?) Anyway, it turns out he’s also awesome in real life, because he apparently rescued an injured, bleeding man lying in the middle of the street. Presumably naked. I hope.

True Blood hunk Ryan Kwanten helped save a bloody, injured man on a Hollywood street on Friday night, JustJared.com is reporting. “There was a bloody guy lying in the middle of the street at Hollywood and Highland and no one was doing anything,” a witness tells the website. Driving by in his car, Kwanten, 34, “pulled up, saw the man down, jumped out of his car, and raced over to see if he could help.” The Australian actor then quickly called upon some other folks on the scene to move the injured man to the sidewalk. “He stayed there watching him until paramedics arrived,” the witness continued. Although a gathering crowd recognized Kwanten from HBO’s smash vampire show, “he was just making sure this guy was okay,” added the observer. SOURCE

Honestly? Good on him. Considering most celebrities wouldn’t deign to kick a bleeding, injured man in the balls just to get a bug off her shoe because OH MY GOD EW poor people! It’s nice to see a genuinely good person who also happens to be hot existing in Hollywood. See? They’re not all Paris Hilton. Seriously, why is she allowed to be alive?

Ryan Kwanten

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