Marc Jacobs is dating gay porn star Harry Louis!

Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis

Yup, it’s time to reel in those sweet, sweet Google page views again … fashion designer and professional homosexual Marc Jacobs is apparently shacking up with Harry Louis, who some of you might remember as “that guy from the Michael Lucas videos with the super huge dong.” Yeah, Marc is better than you in every way. Via The Sword: WARNING: That link is super NSFW

News of the couple appears to have first popped up on this Brazilian site (it’s all in Portuguese, so I don’t know!), after Harry himself tweeted a pic of him and Marc, with the caption, “What a great weekend thanks to the sweetest guy on earth, Marc Jacobs, see you soon in Paris baby… X.” Here’s the enlarged photo, along with another one of Harry in Paris, captioned, “See you soon Paris … loved every single minute of it, and yeah, I’m in love again … It feels nice, and I’m so happy!!” It’s so great that someone as physically unattractive as Harry Louis can still find love.

Here’s the great thing: I actually saw this story on The Daily Mail, except (and this is the best part) they didn’t even use the right fucking photo for Harry Louis. They went on Harry’s blog, and took a picture of a completely different person who in no way looks like him. Look, I know not everyone can report on stuff like this, but that’s just super goddamn derpy no matter how you slice it.

Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis

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