marcia cross baby update

just to confirm a story we posted that was a ‘rumor’ – it was in the national enquirer and my pop diva nikkib who provides the bi-weekly you didnt hear it from me… newsletter featured it last issue – the item concerned marcia cross who plays ‘bree van de kamp’ on the smash hit desperate housewives – here is the post in short – nikkib was hoping it wasnt true – but alas read on – looks like it is… :(

Marcia Cross plays supermom Bree on the hit series ‘Desperate Housewives’ – but in real life, she backed out of an adoption because she refused to sacrifice her career to be a stay-at-home mom! That’s the stunning charge of Jessica Ridner, 32, whose heart was broken in May when the actress decided not to adopt her child-just as production was gearing up for the darkly humorous ABC drama about the secret lives of suburban housewives. ‘Marcia had promised me that she would be a stay-at home mother to my baby, but it was all a big lie,’ Jessica told The Enquirer. ‘Two months after she backed out, I saw promos on TV for ‘Desperate Housewives.’ Everything made sense…read full post

so today popbytes got an email from the lady in question and this is what she wrote…(along with her contact info – for obvious reasons i wont post that here)

Yes, the story in the Enquirer is true. I am the one who’s baby she was going to adopt

Jessica Ridner

so popbytes is setting the record straight (and we can all rest a little easier that the national enquirer does publish true things sometimes!) – thanks jessica for setting the record straight – and if anyone else has tidbits or information on anything related to popbytes please do pass it on – you can email me at

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