new U2 and destiny’s child!

before we dig into two hot hot hot album releases due soon – let me just say – i loved ‘the rebel billionaire’ it was soooooooooooooooo good! and thrilling! those stunts! fear factor step away – those rebel stunts were crazy CRAZY stunts! taking tea on top of a hot air balloon after climbing up a ladder that was like 180 feet tall? did you think you could do that? well you can – and so so so sexy richard branson was the best – what a sweetheart – and i just love the virgin brand to begin with – so you all gotta tune in next week when they go to victoria falls in africa – and do some crazy shit! its a wild ride! ok now onto the music!

U2 . how to dismantle an atomic bomb

oh my gosh! bono and bandmates are mad the album leaked??? helllllllo???? of course it would – and let me say – its well worth the wait – and the hype – after their hit hot single ‘vertigo’ the boys are back – its been a long time since a proper studio release – and some great quieter tracks that will really hit all you fans – i think all will be very pleased – and i did get to see bono in person one time at a store i worked in NYC – wont name it since i think they suck – but one thing – he was so short! but was quite sexy – and breathtaking in all his rock & roll glory – look for this album in stores nov 23rd – unless they do actually release it early since its been leaked…but its good for popbytes sneak peeks – as i work it hard to keep you all posted!

destiny’s child . destiny fufilled

i cant stop listening to this! if you like destiny’s child – you will love this! its typical ‘child’ faire – and im just shaking my booty all over the place – its also trapped in my cd player that i walk with everyday – i do want to get one of those ipods – i will – if i was in NYC i would have had one a long time ago (all that walking you need tunes!) – but in LA its not as needed – anyways i digress – these gals are hot – i predict it to be a huge hit – but for some reason i think this will be the trio’s last – i hope not – but with beyonce all hot and wild – i dont know how long these gals will be able to keep it together (but $$$ talks & destiny’s child walks) – look for this album in stores nov 15th!

ps good news for me! im taking a trip to NYC at the end of the month (i havent been in like 2 yrs?!?) – so i get to see my fun mom (aka popbytes editor), my awesome dad – and my cool bro david – and then i get to go to the juiciest party all year long – my ten year high school reunion!!!! i cant wait for the drama to begin – and im headed there with my good friend melissa (who is now here with me in LA) – and then after that im going to nyc proper for a few days to see some broadway shows – and cut the carpet with my good friend gillian! – and i will get to see others! i cant wait! popbytes does nyc should be a week long feature! popbytes super excited & out!

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