Mashup: Children That I Used To Know

Children That I Used To Know

Every once in awhile, a little sleeper song comes around that gets under everyone’s skin, and the song doing that this year is Somebody That I Used To Know by Goyte featuring Kimbra. This stirring track (and its equally intriguing video) has everybody asking What is that song?! and it’s high time for a fantastic dance remix. Enter Italy’s DJs From Mars, whose patented electro-banging beats add just the right punch, and it features another haunting track from back in the 90’s: Robert Miles‘ classic house track, Children. So go on, kids – get to know this and play it loud!

Download DJs From MarsChildren That I Used To Know

Enjoy — DJ Paul V.

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PS to my LA peeps: Please mark your club calendar for Friday, April 13th as I present “MEMOREX” at The Echoplex. It’s a Mixtape Retrospective to celebrate my 30th Anniversary as a club DJ, and I’ll be featuring actual DJ sets recorded in the past at my various club events since 1982. I’d love you to come join me, and dance!

"MEMOREX" at The Echoplex