Miley Cyrus is engaged to Liam Hemsworth?

Miley Cyrus

Because getting married at an age where you’re constantly developing, changing and coming into your own has never gone wrong ever, Miley Cyrus tweeted a picture showing off her “manicure”, which no one noticed at all because they were all too busy focusing on the giant diamond ring on the ring finger of her left hand, which may or may not be an engagement ring. Emphasis on the may. OK! magazine reports:

Miley, 19, posted a photo of her new manicure on Twitter yesterday, but it wasn’t the color of her nail polish we were looking at. We couldn’t stop staring at the huge diamond ring on her finger!

“I am soooo obsessed with @jennahipp nail foundations! It looks so chic and classic!” Miley tweeted, along with the picture, which prominently shows off the ring. And if Liam did get down on one knee, we’re not surprised. An insider told OK! that The Hunger Games hunk, 22, and Miley have been talking about getting engaged for a while now!

“They’re still keeping it a big secret, but they’re seriously talking marriage,” the source revealed to OK!. “Liam is crazy about her.”

Hoooo boy, where to begin … not that this relationship can’t be successful in the long term, but this might be just a tad bit rushed. Every relationship feels like the one when you’re eighteen. And for the most part, none of them ever are. Hate to break it to you, but you might want to wait until you hit a more steady part of your life before you make life-long commitments.

Miley Cyrus

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