Mashup Of The Week: All The Women

Mashup Of The Week

Beyoncé has been all over the place lately, letting us know how the girls run the world. Me, I’m saying meh to her new single – and it’s 2-year old Major Lazer sample! Naw, if we’re gonna salute the ladies, THIS is how it’s done. I’ve only recently discovered UK mashmaker Kai Mashup, but I am loving his multi-artist blends. This massive collection of fierce women – which includes Ellie Goulding, Britney Spears, Adele, Katy Perry, La Roux, Destiny’s Child, and Rihanna (among others) is very reminiscient of DJ Earworm‘s style – which is a very good thing! And this has sassy springtime sparkle written all over it.

Download Kai Mashup‘s All The Women
[.mp3 / 6.8mb]

Enjoy — DJ Paul V.

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