Mashup: Set Fire To True Faith

Set Fire To True Faith

This week, we welcome back one of the original mashup masters, Party Ben. Lately he’s been focusing more on doing straight up remixes rather than mashups. So when he drops a proper new bootleg, it’s time for the happy dance! We already love Adele hard, and her Set Fire To The Rain is another pop smash. So imagine my glee when I heard Ben mash her with New Order, and their classic True Faith. It works like a charm, so fire it up!

Download Party Ben‘s Set Fire To True Faith

Enjoy — DJ Paul V.

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PS to my LA peeps: Please mark your club calendar for Friday, April 13th as I present “MEMOREX” at The Echoplex. It’s a Mixtape Retrospective to celebrate my 30th Anniversary as a club DJ, and I’ll be featuring actual DJ sets recorded in the past at my various club events since 1982. I’d love you to come join me, and dance!

"MEMOREX" at The Echoplex